quick raspberry jam.

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I had always underestimated how easy it was to make jam, this simple 2 ingredient jam is now my go to jam. It tastes better than shop bought raspberry jam, and you know exactly what has gone into it - no nasties, even better!

I always keep empty jars, so this is the perfect way to re-use them. Just make sure you clean them properly in hot soapy water (and rinse) or in the dishwasher before using.

Follow the below steps to make your own batch:

You will need:

  1. a saucepan (non stick is best but any will be ok)

  2. a glass jar to store jam

  3. raspberries (fresh or frozen)

  4. granulated sugar


- Place an equal weight of raspberries to granulated sugar in a saucepan - I used 200g of each.

Note: If using frozen raspberries, it is good to leave the sugar and raspberries to sit for about 1 hour to allow them to defrost and to mature into the sugar.

- Place over a very low simmer until the sugar has dissolved

- Bring to a rapid boil for around 5 mins - the bubbles will get larger and gradually be harder to control with stirring. You should also notice the mixture becoming a tad thicker.

To test if your jam is ready, put a spoonful onto a small plate and leave for a couple of minutes to cool. A light film should form over the top, if not boil for a further couple of minutes.

- Pour into your chosen jar and put the lid on when still hot to seal.

The jam should last in the jar for up to 6 months unopened, and 2-3 weeks in the fridge once opened.

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