pork, apple and sage pasties.

Who doesn’t like the classic cornish pasty?! Well ok some people don’t, but growing up in Cornwall, this was a staple meal - one loved by all my friends and family!

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I have put a twist on the traditional beef pasty filling, that can be heavy on onion and swede - a nightmare on the gut (for some). The combination of ingredients that I have used make it lower in Fodmaps and easier to digest. This recipe is using standard wheat pastry (egg free) but you can use my gluten free vegan shortcrust pastry if you would prefer.

We don’t tend to eat beef in our household, hence adapting this recipe using pork steak; also easier to get hold of... Bonus!

This recipe is actually really easy to make - you don't need to precook the filling at all. Simply chop and put straight into the pastry casing!


1 batch standard shortcrust pastry (or gluten free vegan shortcrust pastry)


500g plain white flour

115g butter (solid block)

20g margarine

1tsp salt

approx 175ml cold water


1 pork steak

1 slice of bacon

175g white waxy potatoes, peeled

125g swede, peeled

50g leek, peeled

6 spring onions, green parts only

1/2 apple

2tbsp fresh sage chopped

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp ground pepper

1 tsp cracked black pepper

2 tsp salt


Firstly, you need to make the pastry:

  1. Sieve the flour/salt into a large mixing bowl.

  2. Grate the solid butter into the bowl and add the margarine.

  3. Rub the ingredients together for the best results (I cheated and mixed together with the beater attachment on my KitchenAid mixer.)

  4. Once the mix nearly resembles breadcrumbs, gradually add the water until it comes together into a dough.

  5. Wrap the dough in cling film and leave in the fridge for minimum 30 mins before using.

Next, Preheat the oven to 2000C/Gas mark 6, and prepare the filling.

  1. Chop all the ingredients into 2-3cm cubes (approx.). Season well and mix through until well combined.

  2. Remove your pastry from the fridge and roll into 4 circles about the size of a small plate.

  3. Put 1/4 of the filling mix on each half of the circle.

  4. Brush some milk around the edge of the pastry and then ‘close’ your pasty up by folding the empty half of the circle over the top of the mixture. You should leave a small lip so that you can seal the pastry and create the crust. The addition of the milk should give a glue effect, making it easier to stick the 2 edges of the circle together.

  5. Now you should have a semi circle shape and all that is left to do is create a crust crimp. Starting at one end, pinch and fold the lip back on itself - you should do this along the entire edge (about 10-12 folds). It doesn’t have to be that accurate.

  6. Brush another thin layer of milk over the crust to make sure the pastry is sealed the filling is fully enclosed inside. Brush a layer over the top of the pasty body aswell and sprinkle with some salt and pepper before placing in the oven.

  7. Place in the middle of the preheated oven for 20mins on gas mark 6.

  8. Then cover with tin foil, reduce the heat to gas mark 3 and cook for another 20 mins. Take out, and allow to cool for 5 mins before enjoying!

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