memories of spring.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I love daffodils, so this year have decided to press some of the last flowers from the garden to keep that spring feeling going all year round

It's so easy to do, and yet something that I rarely get round to doing. Quite often, once I think about it it is too late and all my flowers are dead...

Daffodils are a great one to press as they keep their vibrant yellow colour once pressed, as oppose to some pink toned flowers (like roses) that get darker once dried and pressed.

I always tend to air dry my flowers out before pressing them as I find it easier. They can look like they are shrivelled up but once pressed this can usually be corrected.


Cut the stalks off the flowers leaving a little bit (2-3cm) below the head.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. cut the flowers away from the stems

  2. allow to air dry on a flat surface for up to a week

  3. carefully place between 2 pieces of greaseproof paper in a flower press (or a book with a heavy weight on the top)

  4. leave for a couple of days so that the flowers have time to settle

  5. once pressed, I always spray with an acrylic finishing spray (you can also use hair spray for this!)

Your flowers are then ready to be kept - they look really good in a clear glass frame or can be made into an addition to a card.

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