courgette in a cake?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Sound a bit weird to you? - well don't knock it till you try it! Just like carrot works in a cake, the understated courgette works just as well, leaving a moist yet fluffy wholesome rustic cake consistency.

This is the perfect cake to eat at the moment as courgettes are in season.

During a recent holiday to visit my family in Cornwall, my mum had made a courgette cake which everyone loved, however unable to eat it as it having egg in, motivated me to try to create my own version omitting the egg and using non-gluten ingredients.

My parents went mad with planting seeds in their poly-tunnel this year so surprise surprise I got loaded off with a batch of courgettes on return home after visiting.

I used homemade applesauce as an egg substitute to help bind the cake mixture together and create its fluffy consistency. You can use shop bought applesauce or homemade - I had some fresh picked apples so simply peeled, chopped and boiled on the hob with a drizzle of maple syrup - bish bash bosh. Also through a combination of gluten free flours, coconut sugar and of course courgette the result is a gluten free, refined sugar free and all round scrummy loaf.

It's this weeks 'loaf of the week' so give it a go - available to buy from my webshop - or order as part of an afternoon tea for 2 from

Enjoy all to yourself or slice it up and have some mini-slices to share!

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