creator designer baker, UK based

No-one should compress their creativity and passions to comply with the norm.


I am a technical clothing designer but in my spare time like to play around with gut friendly baking, painting and general creating all in order to live life to the fullest - happy, health and free.

Gut friendly baking

My baking and food is centred around gut friendly recipes for a happy belly, gut and soul. For years I have suffered from IBS, a gut condition that cannot be cured, but can be controlled through food and lifestyle choices. Growing up I tried numerous diets to try to find that magic cure - vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, no red meat, gluten free the list goes on... but none of these worked independently as a quick fix. Through work with a registered dietitian, I followed the Low FODMAP adapted eating plan, which showed me a new way and made me realise I could live without pain, and increased happiness.


I want to create and share easy recipes for others in a similar situation and for all round healthy and happy minds.

 You will also notice that none of my recipes use egg and contain limited yeast - this is because I am intolerant to both of these. 

I also have some of my bakes available for sale - just click on the 'shop online' tab above! 

The bakes that you can buy are usually vegan/vegetarian friendly, low in gluten and contain low or unrefined natural sugars along with other ingredients that are gentler on the tummy. Please check the ingredients or drop me a message if you need any more information. 

 Homemade ‘Kate Elizabeth’ bakes turning ordinary into extra-ordinary.

Food hygiene level 2 certified + Food allergen awareness v2 certified


I'm passionate about creativity and letting it grow. Art and creativity sets the mind free from modern technology, which controls a lot of our life. I hope that my art can inspire other people to get creating, painting and making.

Keep an eye out on my online shop - as I will be uploading my cards for sale shortly.


Combining my art and illustration with design work is another passion. I like to create content to interact and connect with the end user.


Please email me if you have any custom design requests.